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Preparing Your House for Warmer Weather

Everyone loves warm weather, but when those hot summer days are upon us folks depend on the air conditioner to keep cool and comfortable. Preventative maintenance will keep your air conditioner running at high efficiency during its lifetime, prevent costly repair problems, improve your system’s overall performance, reduce your energy usage, and extend the life of the unit.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

According to Kay Heating and Air, every air conditioner needs regular maintenance to improve efficiency and save money on energy bills. Dirty air filters are a common problem that can easily be avoided. When the filter is dirty, air does not circulate freely in your home. You may find yourself adjusting the thermostat because you don’t feel as comfortable as you should. When a condenser coil becomes dirty, it puts a demand on the refrigerant compressor to run harder. Preventative maintenance saves money by discovering small problems and fixing them before a more costly problem occurs. Cleaning condenser coils is much cheaper than having to have a new compressor installed.

Saving Money

According to System Air, you will save money when your air filters are changed on a regular schedule and the system is serviced and cleaned. When service is neglected, one or more parts may not be working properly. This can lead to the air conditioner shutting down and requiring extensive repairs. Preventative air conditioning maintenance keeps your unit working longer and better, which reduces your energy bills and extends the life of the air conditioner. The simple act of changing the air filters maximizes the airflow of the system, improves the efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and is good for the environment.

Improves Health

Poor air quality is risky for people already suffering from allergies and respiratory health issues. A properly maintained air conditioning system can reduce or eliminate the factors that contribute to breathing problems. When the temperatures outside are hot, it naturally reduces a person’s energy level. A properly maintained air conditioning system can increase your energy and physical activity to beneficial levels. The risk of dehydration in older family members is reduced, air quality is improved, and allergens are eliminated. A clean-running air conditioner is a healthy asset to every home.

Contact your air conditioning professional to discuss how a maintenance program can be beneficial to the life of your system while saving you money.